Donate to Posh

Hi everyone. As you all know, we were forced to close down by Executive Order from Governor Hogan due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This is a tough time for all, and we truly understand the need to keep everyone safe and alive! But, of course, it makes me and our team sad to not be able to see your smiling, sweaty faces. You all have always been great supporters of Posh, and we thank you.

We have no idea when we'll be able to open our doors to you again, but we definitely want to be here for you when this is all over. Closing down has significantly affected our business and membership, but we still have to pay for many of the studio expenses. A lot of you have offered to help us financially, as possible, and I personally thank you for offering, you are amazing! Since so many of you have been asking, you have convinced us put up a link to allow you to donate any amount that you choose. 

Now, for those that don't know, we couldn't just sit at home knowing so many of you need to keep moving and stay fit... so we have been streaming classes directly to your home! Many of our instructors have volunteered their free time and made all of these classes are absolutely FREE to you. We do not plan to charge for any of these live streams for the duration of the closure, but we willl have a link to donate any ammount for each class and our instructors will recieve 20% of all your donations from the class!

So when you take your class, feel free look for this link and donate any amount! or just enjoy the class FREE!

Thanks everyone... we love you! Stay safe... and as always... Have a Posh Time!!! 

-Mel (Owner)